Utility construction

Because of the modern architecture, in which there is a growing use of glass, there raised a demand for sun blinding in this sector. Architects were charmed by the screen techniques in the horticultural sector. By means of development of existing techniques in the horticultural sector, we have been able to apply these techniques in the utility construction sector.

Products and installation

In modern buildings we install more and more tailor made screen systems. We can realize this to adapt applications of the horticultural sector to the demands and standards of the utility construction sector. For instance plane and rolling screens are highly suitable to create a controllable climate. On top of that these screens have a noise softening effect and a high decorative value.


Maintenance and reparations

After completing the installation, the most of our clients want a maintenance contract. When we check your system annually and if necessary make reparations, the sustainable operation of your system will be guaranteed.