For all kinds of cultivations, Steetec supplies and installs various types of screen installations, to obtain optimal climate control in greenhouses. By means of customer-oriented communication we are capable to supply a tailor made product that meets the wishes and standards.

Screen installations

For sun blinding, energy saving, shading and/or controlling light emission, there are different screen systems possible. Depending on the type of greenhouse, the culture, and the client’s demands, there will be a choice from the various screen systems:

  • Plane lying screens
  • Plane hanging screens
  • Tent screens
  • Deck rolling screen
  • Rolling front screens
  • Twin rolling screens


Next to the products that are used in screen installations, Steetec has developed and produced their own 3XS-slipsystem in 1998, which was later followed by the patented VSd®-slipsystem. The last mentioned system is special, because it springs in, turns and slips. Furthermore Steetec has supplementary developed the patented Sd® system and a gliding system. In this system a block on the profile is positioned before the circulation wheel. This makes that the cable always remains straight in front of the circulation wheel, which causes less wear on the wheels.


The success of Steetec is mainly caused by the skill of the employees. Their many years of experience are visible in the montage and installation of the systems. They all are reliable specialists, that stand guaranty for a substantial and constructive accomplishment of the projects. On top of that service, quality and flexibility are very important to us.
Bovendien staan service, kwaliteit en flexibiliteit hoog in het vaandel.


Maintenance and renovations

We advise you to let us take care of the maintenance of your screen installations, and if necessary, let us repair them in time, to avoid high costs on the long term. Next to a complete renewal of your screen installation, it is also possible to renew different parts of your installation, such as:

  • Complete change of curtain
  • Lés de toiles pour fermer les bords de l’installation
  • Change of nylon threads
  • Change of trek threads
  • Renew the reversible wheels